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Daily driving a Google Pixel 4a sadly running Android. Currently, trying to help on mainlining Volla Phone (volla-yggdrasil) (MT6763)

Sometimes doing also Halium/libhybris stuff...

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Device Notes
Google Pixel 3a (google-sargo) cracked screen
Google Pixel 4a (google-sunfish) Daily-driving with Android 13
Huawei Honor 8 (huawei-frd) locked bootloader
Nokia 5.3 (nokia-trinket) Broke fw by updating; locked bootloader
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) Beta Edition
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) UBports Community Edition
Samsung A3 2015 (samsung-a3ulte) on pmOS; cracked screen
Volla Phone (volla-yggdrasil) Working on mainlining