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this guide may be incomplete and completely wrong for your phone

After initial porting there's still much stuff to do, let's get green in each field

Remember, every device is different and this guide will be rather generic

This guide assumes that USB Internet is enabled and phone has working USB net

Where to search

You can start your search for devices in


It should contain a list of some of the detected ones; sometimes devices are in one of the platform's subfolders, e.g. /sys/devices/platform/soc/

Touch and input

See also:

Install evtest, it should list all input devices it has found, wth possible states and shows log of detected actions


See also:


Try running xeyes, if it runs XWayland is probably available


See also:


Mainlining have 3 different wiki pages


See also :

No idea how this works, on Nokia 1 you can find data bout battery in

cat /sys/devices/platform/battery/power_supply/battery/batt_vol 

By reading batt_vol and dividing it by voltage_max it should be possible to calculate battery percentage


See also:

  • Software OpenGL
  • Freedreno for early Adreno GPUs
  • Mali-400 should have opensource driver too


See also:

See also

This guide is loosely based on User:Z3ntu/Fairphone2-mainline

Some devices won't work without binary blobs (Firmware) and there may be none opensource alternatives.

Some drivers may also be only available for Android, see Hybris