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Device Notes
Apple iPad 2 (apple-ipad2) Currently playing around with retro iOS Apps. Linux would be good tho..
Apple iPad 3G (apple-ipad3g) Currently running as school tablet. Doing school stuffs here.
Apple iPhone 4s (apple-iphone4s) Currently running Apple's Proprietary iOS 6.1.3
Apple iPhone 4 (apple-iphone4) Currently iOS 4. I hope I can get mainline linux here like iPad 1G (Same SoC)
Apple iPhone 5 (apple-iphone5) Previous main phone
LG G2 Korean (lg-f320) Will try mainlining after I get that cable. The cable is same as Nexus 5!
Motorola Defy (motorola-jordan) Has some Ti SoC, I think we can mainline the phone? Such a good mobile device.
Pantech SKY VEGA S5 Previous main phone, found JTAG, but does MSM8960 mainline work??
Pantech VEGA R3 (ef50) Found JTAG but don't know how to mainline or solder cable
Raspberry Pi 4 (raspberry-pi4) 4GB Ram, currently using as home server
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE (samsung-tre3calte) Will try u-boot and mainline after getting uart cable.
SKY I'm Back (pantech-ef71) Currently playing around halium and android, will try mainline later on.