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This user's main device is a OnePlus 6T (oneplus-fajita).

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Brandon Boese

Hi! Welcome to my account page. You probably don't care for pleasantries so here is what I do:

  • Port TCL A3 to postmarketOS
  • Work on mainline MT6765 kernel
  • Port / maintain Lomiri to Alpine
  • Maintain device-google-x64cros
  • Develop Abyssal Linux (Void Linux Mobile)




Mastodon: Mastodon

Owns Devices

Device Notes
Alcatel MyFlip (alcatel-gflip2) Feature Phone Port
Motorola Moto G4 Play (motorola-harpia) Lomiri Testbed
OnePlus 6T (oneplus-fajita) Daily Driver
TCL A3 (tcl-bangkok tf) Attempting to Port