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I'm that guy mainly doing research on HiSilicon Kirin SoCs (often used in devices made by Huawei).

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Device Notes
Fairphone 4 (fairphone-fp4) Daily device.
Honor 9 Lite (huawei-leland) For Kirin 659 related dev. Working with downstream port and utils.
Huawei Mate 10 Pro (huawei-blanc) Locked bootloader, runs EMUI 10.
Huawei P20 Lite (huawei-anne) Working on downstream port (on hiatus).
MXQ Pro 4K (mxq-pro-4k) AmLogic variant aka Amlogic S905W reference board.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (samsung-zenlte)
Sony Xperia 10 II (sony-pdx201) Runs SailfishOS.
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (xiaomi-vince) Runs pmOS, main experimental Mobile Linux device.