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This is an updated list of Phosh apps available in postmarketOS, tested in late March 2021 on a Samsung Galaxy A5 (samsung-a5ulte).

For the April 2020 list, see User:MartijnBraam/Phosh_Apps.

gnome-disks, gnome-books, tinymail - not packaged

gnome-boxes: does not install correctly due to wrong libhandy version

App Is Mobile Notes
gnome-2048 game Yes
gnome-authenticator totp Yes Adding a new account didn't do anything for me. Also, the package is missing py3-setuptools from dependencies.
gnome-calculator calculator Yes
gnome-calendar calendar No Too large for screen
cheese camera No Too large for screen, doesn't support ARM cameras; replaced by Megapixels
gnome-clocks alarms Yes
gnome-contacts contact manager Yes
baobab disk usage analyzer No Too large
simple-scan document scanner No Slightly too large
evince document viewer Yes
epiphany browser Yes
gnome-feeds rss Yes
nautilus file browser No non optimal layout in portrait; replaced by Nemo
fractal matrix client Yes
gnome-games game browser Yes
geary mail client Maybe? Didn't log in
gnome-latex latex editor No Too large
gnote notes Yes
eog image viewer Yes
gnome-maps openstreetmaps Yes UI elements are tiny; possible scaling issues?
gnome-music music player No Too large to fit in screen
gnome-usage system monitor Yes
peek screen recorder ? No wayland support, didn't test
gnome-photos photo manager No Too large
gnome-podcasts podcasts Yes Titlebar in player is invisible
polari irc client Partial Doesn't fit on screen on portrait, but it does on landscape; "Choose a network" dialog is too big
vinagre remote desktop client No Off-center window
rhythmbox music player Yes Fits but with some layout issues
gnome-shortwave internet radio Yes
shotwell photo manager Partial Too large for screen in portrait, fits in landscape
gnome-software package manager Yes
gnome-sound-recorder sound recorder Yes
gnome-system-monitor taskmanager No Slightly too large for screen
kgx terminal emulator Yes
gedit text editor Yes
totem video player/browser No Too large for screen
gnome-weather weather No Too large for screen
lollypop music player Yes