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This page contains a list of GNOME applications and whether they work with mobile devices.

Core apps

Based on the list at

Tested on Phosh, with a Samsung Galaxy A5 2015 (samsung-a5), on postmarketOS edge in early October 2022.

Name Package Purpose GTK3/4? Mobile Mobile replacement Notes Included in Alpine's gnome-apps-core package?
Calculator gnome-calculator Calculator GTK4+Adw Y - Y
Calendar gnome-calendar Calendar GTK4+Adw N karlender Karlender is preinstalled with Phosh. Y
Characters gnome-characters Character map GTK4+Adw Y squeekboard's emoji selector It's pretty easy to accidentally click the icons, and the popups don't have an X button, so you have to go back to the app drawer to close them. N
Cheese cheese Camera GTK3 N megapixels Does not support ARM cameras. N
Clocks gnome-clocks Clocks GTK4+Adw Y - Y
Connections - Remote desktop access GTK3+Hdy - Not packaged in Alpine? -
Console gnome-console Terminal GTK4+Adw Y - Y
Contacts gnome-contacts Contacts GTK4+Adw Y - Y
Disk Usage Analyzer baobab Disk usage analyzer GTK4+Adw N gnome-usage N
Disks gnome-disk-utility Disk partitioning/management GTK3+Hdy Y - Works, but you can't scroll sideways when a lot of partitions are available. Also the internal storage on the Galaxy A5 seems to show up as "SD card reader"... Y
Document Scanner simple-scan Scanning software GTK3+Hdy N N N
Document Viewer evince Document viewer GTK3+Hdy Y Firefox can read .pdf files Alpine carries Purism's mobile patches (1), next release might be GTK4+Adw and won't need the patches Y
Extensions gnome-shell Extension manager for GNOME GTK4+Adw P extension-manager (not in Alpine) Not useful on Phosh. Y
Files nautilus File manager GTK4+Adw P portfolio It's adaptive, but for some reason treats taps as right-clicks. Y
Fonts gnome-font-viewer Font manager GTK4+Adw Y - In my testing, the font waterfall was completely blank (black square with scrollbars). Upstream issue N
Help yelp Help document viewer GTK3+Hdy[1] N gnome-user-docs? Used for the "Help" option in a handful of GNOME apps. N
Image Viewer eog Image viewer GTK3+Hdy[1] Y - Y
Logs - Log viewer GTK4+Adw N Not packaged in Alpine, as it requires systemd -
Maps gnome-maps Maps GTK4+Adw Y - Y
Music gnome-music Music player and organizer GTK4+Adw N lollypop N
Photos gnome-photos Photo organizer GTK3+Hdy N N N
Settings gnome-control-center System settings GTK4+Adw Y - Y
Software gnome-software Software store GTK4+Adw Y - Y
System Monitor gnome-system-monitor System usage monitor GTK3+Hdy N gnome-usage Y
Text Editor gnome-text-editor Plain text editor GTK4+Adw Y - Y
Tour gnome-tour GNOME tour GTK4+Adw N postmarketos-welcome Mostly useless in Phosh Y
Videos totem Video player GTK3+Hdy[1] N celluloid N
Weather gnome-weather Weather forecast GTK4+Adw P - Trying to type in the city on the startup screen closes the selector popup, so I couldn't test it much. Y
Web epiphany Internet browser GTK3+Hdy Y firefox Y

Non-core apps

These are part of the GNOME project but aren't officially considered core apps, and aren't GNOME circle apps.

Name Package Purpose GTK3/4? Mobile Mobile replacement Notes
Calls calls Dialer GTK3+Hdy Y -
Feeds gnome-feeds RSS feed reader GTK4+Adw Y -
Firmware gnome-firmware-updater Firmware updater GTK4+Adw Y -
Fractal fractal Matrix client GTK4+Adw Y -
Games highscore Game library GTK3+Hdy Y - There's a GTK4+Adw port on the main branch, but it hasn't landed in a release yet
Geary geary Mail client GTK3+Hdy Y -
gedit gedit Text editor GTK3 Y gnome-text-editor
GHex ghex Hex editor GTK3 P N Opens fine, but the selection menu opened with the arrow on the bottom goes off-screen
Passwords and Keys seahorse Keyring manager GTK3+Hdy Y -
Power Statistics gnome-power-statistics Power information GTK3 N powersupply
Sound Recorder gnome-sound-recorder Sound recorder GTK4+Adw Y -
Terminal gnome-terminal Terminal GTK3 Y gnome-console


Name Package GTK3/4? Mobile Mobile replacement Notes
2048 gnome-2048 GTK3 Y -
AisleRiot Solitare aisleriot GTK3 Y - ...miraculously works just fine
Chess gnome-chess GTK4+Adw Y -
Mines gnome-mines GTK3 N -
Sudoku gnome-sudoku GTK3 Y -
Taquin gnome-taquin GTK3 Y -

GNOME Circle


Name Package Purpose GTK3/4? Mobile Mobile replacement Notes
Amberol amberol Music player GTK4+Adw Y -
Apostrophe - Markdown editor GTK3+Hdy There's a GTK4+Adw port in progress
Audio Sharing - Device audio sharing GTK4+Adw Y -
Authenticator gnome-authenticator 2FA code generator GTK4+Adw Y numberstation
Blanket blanket Environment sound simulator GTK4+Adw Y -
Citations - Citation manager GTK4+Adw
Collision - Checksum/file hash checker GTK4+Adw
Commit - Commit message editor GTK4+Adw
Cozy - Audiobook player GTK3+Hdy
Curtail curtail Image compressor GTK3 Y -
Decoder - QR code scanner and generator GTK4+Adw
Dialect - Translator GTK4+Adw
Drawing drawing Paint program GTK3 P
Déjà Dup Backups deja-dup Backup software GTK4+Adw Y -
File Shredder - Secure erase utility GTK4+Adw
Font Downloader - Font downloader GTK3+Hdy
Fragments - BitTorrent client GTK4+Adw Y -
Gaphor - UML and SysML modeling tool GTK4 N
Health - Fitness tracking GTK4+Adw
Identity - Image/video compare GTK4+Adw
Junction - Application chooser for opening files/links GTK4+Adw
Khronos - Time tracker GTK4+Adw
Kooha kooha Screen recorder GTK4+Adw P Couldn't get it to record
Markets - Investment tracker GTK3+Hdy Y -
Metadata Cleaner - Metadata cleaner GTK4+Adw
Metronome gnome-metronome Metronome GTK4+Adw Y -
Mousai - Music identificator GTK4+Adw Y -
NewsFlash newsflash News feed reader GTK4+Adw Y -
Obfuscate obfuscate Blur/obfuscation tool for images GTK4+Adw Y -
Pika Backup - Backup utility GTK4+Adw Y -
Plots - Graph plotter GTK4+Adw
Podcasts gnome-podcasts Podcast player GTK3+Hdy Y gpodder-adaptive Seems like there's a GTK4+Adw port on the development branch
Polari polari IRC client GTK4+Adw Y - Some windows go slightly off-screen, but overall they fit on the screen, so this gets a pass from me
Secrets gnome-passwordsafe Password manager GTK4+Adw Y -
Share Preview - Local tester for social media card previews GTK4+Adw
Shortwave gnome-shortwave Internet radio player GTK4+Adw Y -
Solanum solanum Work/break time manager/timer GTK4+Adw Y -
Tangram - Web app browser GTK3 Seems to be GTK3 in the release, but there's a GTK4 port in the main branch?
Text Pieces - Text transformation utility GTK4+Adw
Video Trimmer - Video trimmer GTK4+Adw
Warp warp File transfer tool GTK4+Adw Y -
Webfont Kit Generator - Webfont @font-face generator GTK4+Adw
Wike - Wikipedia reader GTK3+Hdy
TODO Fill in mobile entries that aren't available in Alpine.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 This application uses libhandy only to apply libhandy styling, i.e. make the window rounded, and doesn't utilize any of the other widgets besides HdyApplicationWindow (and in some cases, HdyHeaderBar).

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