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Krey's checklist

  • [] Supperior to LineageOS
 * Installation is hell
 * GUI is insufficient 


What works

  • Kernel compilation (?)
  • Flashing system (?)
  • Booting kernel via fastboot (?)
  • initramfs boot (?)
  • Flashing kernel (?)
  • USB network (?)
  • SSH connectivity (?)
  • Weston (?)
  • Touchscreen (?)

What does not work

  • Wi-Fi (blob needed) (?)
  • Hardware-accelerated graphics (?)
  • Phosh (Requires DiRM)
  • Charging screen thing

How to enter flash mode

From a power off state, hold the volume up and power buttons until the device vibrates. The display should then light up and say "Fastboot Mode".

Kernel Configuration

command: pmbootstrap kconfig edit oneplus-oneplus2

Serial Cable


Direct Rendrering Interface

Wayland-based user environment won't work on a kernel without DiRM (?) - Relevant


FIXME: This does not work

I ran into networking issues with default installation procedure ( install-> flash_rootfs -> flash_kernel) Get it working by installing recovery with TWRP:

pmbootstrap install --android-recovery-zip

WARNING(FIXME): Results in 'boot partition not found'

next copy zip file to device and install it using twrp

in fastboot mode :

pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel

Use instead because fastboot is broken(?) :

pmbootstrap flasher --method=adb sideload