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Device Notes
HMD Global Nokia 6.1 Plus (nokia-DRG) Primery gear, not ported to Postmarketos (yet)
Lenovo A6000 (lenovo-a6000)

Experience using pmos on kraft(lenovo-a6000)

i had install lk2nd and went to fastboot mode, feature available is:

arm64 : available
el2 : unavailable
psci : unavailable
secure boot : disabled

i use 9881 panel (it says can going well), but when after flash via pmbootstrap or official image, after logo in seconds, the screen went black and does nothing (even i had wait in 10 minutes).

issue tracked on


with fixing panel-qimei-ili9881, github PR has been made and tracked into (merged)

you who own ili9881_qimei panel driver can use stable kernel since and will be merged