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Owns devices

Device Notes
Google Galaxy Nexus GSM (samsung-maguro) Like new, unlocked, stock
Google Nexus 7 2012 (asus-grouper) Like new, unlocked, stock
HTC Desire X (htc-protou) Fully working, stock
HTC One M8s (htc-m8qlul) Fully working, LineageOS 15
HTC One V (htc-primou) Stock, little beat up but still working
Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (samsung-a7y18lte) Stock, like new
Samsung Galaxy S10 (samsung-beyond1lte) Like new, stock, daily driver
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (samsung-hero2lte) Like new, unlocked, LineageOS 20
Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite (xiaomi-gauguin) Backup running LineageOS microG
Xiaomi Redmi 5A (xiaomi-riva) Few scratches, stock