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Noob User of postmarketOS & alpine, more familiar with regular linux but still noob. I use arch btw.

My devices -

Device Notes
Amazon Fire TV 2 (amazon-sloane) No postmarketOS port yet, but I am working on it.
Google Nexus 7 2012 (asus-grouper) Impressive! Works with phosh & xfce4, but not daily driveable yet. It needs 3D acceleration for smoother UI, & firefox fix crashes. Great for running it as a no display server like a raspberry pi. Running with xfce4 can make it usable as a smart display like a calendar or something.
Motorola Moto X Play (motorola-lux) Xwayland works (without touchscreen) but I didn't have a keyboard & mouse. There is a critical error with the temp. sensor and charger, device overheats dangerously in charging mode. If you're trying it out, I'd suggest choosing the phosh interface instead of xfce4 or something else.
Xiaomi Poco F1 (xiaomi-beryllium) (Daily Driver) not running postmarketOS on it but in general it has very good custom ROM and custom Kernel and custom Recovery support so wouldn't be surprised if things run very well.

I also have two other devices that don't currently have ports but that I hope to port postmarketOS to; an Amazon Fire TV 2 (Newer version of Amazon Fire TV, which already has a port) and an Asus Zenfone 5 T00J (x86 processor, very similar to Asus T00F which already has a port)