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Device Notes
Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7S (alcatel-pop7lte) Damaged touchscreen, cellular doesn't work, but boots pmOS to xfce
Google Pixel 2 XL (google-taimen) Spare phone
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL (microsoft-cityman) Cityman/950 XL single SIM UK variant; formerly owned Talkman/non-XL
Motorola Moto G4 Play (motorola-harpia) 16GB/1GB XT1604, so very slow
Nintendo 3DS (nintendo-ctr) New Nintendo 3DS (nintendo-ktr) x2
Nintendo Switch (nintendo-nx) Original model, vulnerable to the RCM exploit.
Nokia N900 (nokia-n900) Fully working w/ Polarcell battery, though has a cuffed screen and a few keyboard keys have worn off printing
OnePlus 6T (oneplus-fajita) 128GB/8GB variant, currently dual booting an Android 12 ROM and Windows 11
Palm Pre (palm-castle) Several in varying states of disrepair, get in touch if you think you'd make good use of one.


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