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Component support table

Description Component Mainline kernel Since when
Power button pm8953 pwrkey Working
Volume down button pm8953 resin Working
Volume up button gpio-keys Working
Internal storage sdhc_1 Working
SD card sdhc_2 Working
Display hx83112b Working
Touchscreen hx83112b Working
Vibration motor pmi632 qcom,vibrator@5700
Notification LED pmi632 qcom,leds@d000
Charger pmi632 qcom,qpnp-smb5
Fuel gauge pmi632 qpnp,qg
WiFi pronto?
Bluetooth pronto?
FP3 front camera S5K4H7YX
FP3 rear camera IMX363
FP3+ front camera S5K3P9SP
FP3+ rear camera S5KGM1SP03-FGX9
Camera flash pmi632 qcom,leds@d300
Audio codec WCD9326
FP3 speaker amp AW8898
FP3+ speaker amp TAS2557

Audio path

  • CPU via I2S (quinary) to AW8898/TAS2557: speaker (and echo reference back)
  • CPU via SLIMbus to WCD9326: microphones, headphones, etc.