Videostrong KII Pro (videostrong-kii-pro)/DVB

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Notice The DVB hardware currently doesn't work. It needs drivers and modules not in the mainline kernel.


This page documents the tuner and demodulation hardware found on the Videostrong KII Pro (videostrong-kii-pro), to hopefully support the DVB hardware on a mainline linux kernel.

The Videostrong KII Pro (videostrong-kii-pro) has the following tuner/demodulation combination:

  • Demod: Availink AVL6862TA
  • Tuner: RafaelMicro R912 (despite the board being named "S2&T2_R848_REV1.2")

Availink AVL6862


The AVL6862 (AVL6862TA-CA23(?)) is a demodulation chip from Availink. It supports terrestrial television (DVB-T/T2), satellite television (DVB-S/S2), as well as cable television (DVB-C).

Drivers and firmware

The AVL6862 has drivers that will eventually get upstreamed by Availink.

RafaelMicro R912

Icon TODO: Document the R912. Is the R848 (probably in other boards) similar to the R912?

Drivers and firmware

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