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Most postmarketOS developers use pmbootstrap on a bare-metal Linux installation. This page notes some quirks you may have to deal with when running pmbootstrap in a Linux distribution inside a VM like VirtualBox.

If your device gets detected as ADB Interface/Recovery

1. Click Update Driver - choose "Composite USB Device"("Составное USB Устройство" in Russian locale of Windows)

2. Unknown device with name RNDIS device would appear

Installing RNDIS

1. Click Update Driver - choose "Browse my computer for driver software." and then "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer."

2. Choose "Network Adapter" section

3. Choose "Microsoft" manufacturer

4. Choose "Remote NDIS compatible device"

On Windows 10 version 1709, the device is "Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device"

5. That's all! Wait for Windows to install driver for your device and SSH into it!

Using PuTTY instead of the Terminal inside the VM

If your phone only connects successfully to the VM, but you want to use PuTTY (or another Windows SSH client) for Telnet/SSH:

  • Start a SSH server in the VM
  • Connect via PuTTY to the VM
  • Then connect to the device from that SSH session