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There are many types of disabilities and many ways to address them. At the moment, however, this page concentrates on ways to make pmOS more accessible to blind and visually impaired users.


The All devices page lists hundreds of devices, most of which use one of the ARM architectures. Most of the listed devices use the armv7 (32-bit) architecture or possibly armhf (32-bit with hardware floating point support). More recent devices generally use the aarch64 (64-bit) architecture.

The older (armv7 and armhf) devices tend to be cheaper, but also more limited in memory, storage, and processor speed. So, they may be more appropriate for use as an email access point, notetaker, etc. Looking forward, the aarch64 architecture has many more interesting possibilities.


In order to support accessibility packages, some kernel modifications may be needed. These are discussed on the Accessibility (Kernel) page.


The Accessibility (Packages) page is basically a "wish list", describing various add-on packages which could be useful for an accessible version of pmOS.

Related issues

  • pmaports#2321 - making postmarketOS more accessible for blind and visually impared users
  • phosh#47 Screen reader support
  • sxmo-tickets#473 accessibility: screen-reader (text-to-speech) in menu


Pine64, PinePhone