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Interacting with the community is important, so we can help out each other, build stuff together and overall accelerate development. Here's an overview of the various ways to interact with each other. At the bottom are the wiki pages tagged with [[Category:Community]].

Matrix and IRC

If you are new to the project, a good place to say hi are the various live chat rooms that you can connect to with matrix and irc clients (there's also a matrix web browser client, so no need to install anything). We have various channels ranging from offtopic, to development chatting, to lowlevel firmware hacking.

GitLab issues

Mostly used for technical development discussions, bug reports and feature requests (e.g. pmbootstrap, pmaports). But also meta-discussions about the direction the project is heading, new blog posts, about the infrastructure and what not (the project). GitLab has a nice all issues page.

It's possible to get e-mail notifications for new issue posts by opening the whole postmarketOS GitLab organization (alternatively, click on a project from that page). Then find the Notification Settings below the logo, where it probably says "Global" if you did not modify it. Click it and switch to your desired level (e.g. "Watch").

If you prefer to follow the postmarketos activity in your favorite rss feed reader you can also go to the activity page and get the link by pressing the rss feed icon in the upper right corner. The icon only appears if the screen is wide enough, so you might need to tilt your screen if you are on a mobile device.

Mastodon and Twitter

If you are into social networks with short message feeds, have a look at:

How about $yourfavoritemedium?

We already offer plenty of discussion platforms here. But if you have a good reason for requesting a new one, do it here. There was a discussion about adding forums in


This is the website you are viewing right now. Use it to document everything you figure out as you are porting or using postmarketOS on your device. This helps the next person, and it wouldn't be the first time that someone started a device specific port, and another person came with the same device and built upon it. Wiki related discussions are not done in the wiki (like it is done in most other MediaWiki installations), but instead in the wiki project over at GitLab. The GitLab project also serves as full backup of the wiki (updated hourly).


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