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Note Yes, it is still possible to receive up-to-date software for the Nokia N900 in 2023. You can install postmarketOS v23.06 SP1 on it and upcycle it, possibly as SSH client on-the-go with its glorious hardware keyboard. Or use it as small webserver for a home project with built-in uninterruptible power supply. postmarketOS // blog (September 10, 2023)

postmarketOS is still in development stage, so you might not be able to replace your day-to-day mobile operating system with it, unless you are using a device which its classification is "Community" or "Main".

In any occasion, you can find various use-cases which allow you to use postmarketOS for certain activities on a regular basis, because PDAs, smartphones and tablets are not only about making calls.

Consider the following activities and possibilities:

Some activities are exclusive to postmarketOS (and other real Linux devices) such as using a device as a WiFi adapter, even without a SIM.

  • Listening to music, podcasts;
  • Baby camera monitor (this would require webcam and a device with USB support);
  • WiFi adapter / extender / router, and display indicators that show connected clients and traffic usage;
  • Home server (Docker & Kubernetes);
  • Advertisements and malware filter (Pi-Hole);
  • Using the screen for monitoring systems and other information (e.g. Home Assistant);
  • Message broker server (MQTT or XMPP on LAN or WAN);
  • And more...

Time to chew on our own dog food. Create a new user page with your use case and add the [[Category:Dogfooding]] tag to show us what you're up to.

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