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This user's main device is a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (samsung-dream2lte).

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Things I am investigating (lots of things I need to learn before I anticipate progress though):

Currently looking into mainlining samsung-chagallwifi and samsung-klimtlte.

When I get stuck I will probably look into mainlining one of the other exynos devices instead, there is already some support for both zeroltexx and a5y17lte in repositories on github.

Owns devices

Device Notes
Samsung Galaxy A5 2015 (samsung-a5lte)
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 (samsung-a5y17lte)
Samsung Galaxy S4 (samsung-jflte)
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (samsung-zeroltexx) broken screen, awaiting new one
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (samsung-dream2lte)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 WiFi (samsung-chagallwifi)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE (samsung-klimtlte)