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Notes on how I'm daily driving my PinePhone, currently with Phosh.

Podcast setup

  • Running Phosh with this seek buttons patch
  • gpodder
  • vlc-qt as media player
    • used the dock to plug mouse and keyboard, then configured it with the UI:
      • resume playback automatically
        • this works great! close the VLC window and it remembers the playback position
      • change the bottom toolbar buttons to: (space) seek backward (space) play/pause (space) seek forward
    • VLC does currently not inhibit suspend (issue) fixed in pmaports!2216
    • display cover art from gPodder:
      • gPodder saves cover art to "folder.jpg" by default. So either change that (didn't look into how, see options or read the source). What I did is set album-art-filename=folder.jpg in .config/vlc/vlcrc and now it shows up properly :)


Notable issues