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Describing some Dogfooding user-cases, feel free to try them out

Use some of these use cases to already use your not finished postmarketos and perform some dogfooding. I did not test any of these, I am just collecting ideas for the future and offering them to anyone who wants them. I will update and extend the description from time to time.

Wireless trackpad and controller for your computer

If you can get the right software running on postmarketos, your device can act as an on-demand controller for your Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

Feature requirements

  • Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (or even USB-Network) can be used to connect to the computer


If we can get Anbox running, it would be possible to get an already existing remote app working e.g. KDE Connect. Then you could use your phone as an controller for media-control or some shortcuts like shutdown or suspend mode. [[Samsung Galaxy A3 2015 (samsung-a3ulte)] is an example device which has everything needed for the application development. It is also possible to create a web-based control for a server-side application on your computer.


  • Turn it into a remote computer terminal
  • use it as a universal smart remote
  • Let it power scientific research
  • Transform it into a free-standing security camera
  • Reframe it as a full-time video conferencing station
  • Turn it into a kitchen command center
  • Make it a data-based extension of your current phone service
  • Make it your live window into the world
  • Convert it into a digital photo frame
  • Use it as a dedicated e-reader
  • Transform it into a dedicated desk calendar
  • Make it a mounted command center for your car
  • Turn it into a kid-friendly learning tool
  • Let it serve as a high-tech e-clock
  • Convert it into a gaming device for your downtime
  • Keep it handy for emergencies
  • Make it your personal voice assistant
  • use it as a bike Navi
  • use it as an alarm clock
  • convert it into a baby monitor
  • use it as a music player
  • convert it into a fileserver
  • using a smartphone for two-factor authentification
  • use it as a camcorder
  • use it as a video doorbell
  • use it as an action camera
  • create a DIY VR Headset
  • turn it into a radio
  • Turn it into a dedicated gaming device
  • use it as a flash drive


articles about repurposing old Android Devices[1][2][3][4][5]