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On-Off in tech for 20 years, 10 of that with permanent sysadmin and dev tasks, 3 years on linux, 1 year on desktop. Main languages are bash and python.

Host and admin of Gifted Minecraft and multiple fediverse instances. Check my setup on github.

📱 This user's main device is a OnePlus_6_(oneplus-enchilada).
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This category is to be expanded in the future. Currently working on the transition to 100% FOSS at home and work as well as leaving the apple ecosphere.

What works

  • Check/Write Emails (thunderbird)
  • Chat (fluffychat, flatpak)
  • Lemmy (firefox esr)
  • mastodon (firefox esr)
  • peertube (firefox esr)
  • youtube (firefox esr)
  • twitch (firefox esr)
  • websearch (firefox esr)
  • passwords (firefox esr)
  • solitaire (aisleriot, flatpak)
  • minesweeper (gnome mines)
  • Contacts (NextCloud sync)
  • Weather (gnome weather)
  • Homeassistant (firefox esr)
  • apple remote (firefox esr)

Needs work

  • Notes (NC notes app missing)
  • Music (vlc no Network)
  • podcasts (headphone jack not working atm)
  • backups (samba not working with deja dup)
  • kalender (read only in gnome calendar, no dice in karlender)
  • .ashrc (needs init every time)
  • maps (no gps without sim)
  • screenshot (gnome screenshot)
  • sonos (noson app no connection)
  • plex (vlc no network)

Doesnt work

  • camera

Didnt try

  • rmv (train traffic app in germany)
  • easypark (parking app in germany)
  • kody remote