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Silicon Speed Technology
Brand of Sipeed
Brand Sipeed
Name Silicon Speed Technology
Native name 矽速科技
Headquarter Address Building A-2101C, Hengfang Technology Office Building, No. 4008, Xinhu Road, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Country China
Industry AI, Computer, Handheld, Router, Telephony
Products Router, Single Board Computer, Subnotebook, Telephone, Tablet
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About Sipeed

Sipeed is a prominent technology provider known for offering comprehensive AIoT solutions. Originated in Shenzhen, China, this company has gradually gained global recognition for its high-quality and affordable microelectronic products.

The company, established in 2015, has created a niche in the field of Artificial Intelligence chips and computing. Sipeed’s product line includes development boards, AI modules, microcontrollers, cameras, etc. These products are particularly useful for developers and tech enthusiasts who wish to create powerful and cost-effective IoT and AI solutions.

Lichee Pi 4A Portable Devices 2023

The subsequent details were shared with postmarketOS by Mr. Wu Caize (zepan), although it has not been published yet by a press release or otherwise official public announcement.

LicheeBook and LicheePad

Two innovative, portable products, namely the LicheeBook and the LicheePad, are set to be unveiled in August at the RISCV China Summit.

In a post made at July 14, it was announced that a laptop is also expected to be released during this time.

LicheePhone (TH1520)

At present, the TH1520 Phone production has been suspended due to excessive power consumption.

The company (Silicon Speed Technology) set to manufacture LicheeBook & LicheePad in the third quarter of 2023, plans to then await the upcoming chip. This chip, expected in the fourth quarter of 2023, is projected to offer enhanced interface capabilities along with efficient power use. While it is anticipated to deliver a performance comparable to TH1520, this chip is likely to be significantly more cost-effective and power-efficient.

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