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About Videostrong

Shenzhen Videostrong Technology co.,ltd
Brand of Videostrong
Brand of Videostrong
Name Shenzhen Videostrong Technology co.,ltd
Native name 深圳市视壮科技有限公司
Country China
Industry Computer, Television
Products Projectors, Set-Top Box, SBC

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Brand of MECOOL
Brand of MECOOL
Brand MECOOL (Sub brand of Videostrong?)
Country China
Industry STB
Products Android TV Box
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Videostrong is a STB manufacturer, mainly manufacturing TV boxes running either a modified version of AOSP or Android TV.

Some of the set-top boxes they sell are sometimes sold under the Videostrong brand, and sometimes they're sold under the Mecool brand(Sub Brand?). It also seems like some of their set-top boxes are sold under the ACEMAX brand (clone?).


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