Dual Booting/WiP

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To dual boot PMOS you need a boot method and how you will store data. After doing both, you will have a working device with dual boot

How To Boot PMOS on android phones

Booting with a computer

This is the simplest option, but you will need a computer to boot PMOS. If used with SD card, then nothing is going to be modified on the phone.

Firstly, you will need pmbootstrap

After entering fastboot mode on your phone. Then running `pmbootstrap flasher boot` will boot PMOS kernel.

Recovery partition

If PMOS kernel is written to the recovery partition, then it will run PMOS when you enter recovery mode.

Safe Strap


See Motorola_Droid_4_(motorola-maserati)

A/B slots

On phones that have A/B slots, you can write PMOS kernel to slot B, and android to slot A. using switch my slot, you can switch the slot you are using, and it will boot PMOS. On PMOS you can use qbootctl to switch back to android.


U-Boot_porting#Supported_Devices todo


Lk2nd/lk1st#Supported_SoCs todo

Where to store data


By putting the files from `/` to `.stowaways/pmos` on a partition. Then forcing PMOS to use that as root partition, you can use 1 partition for 2 OSes.

This is useful for android phones where modifying the partition table is a crime.

SD card


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