Google Veyron Chromebook (google-veyron)

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Google Veyron Chromebook
Veyron Jerry Chromebook
Veyron Jerry Chromebook
Manufacturer Google
Name Veyron Chromebook
Codename google-veyron
Released 2015
Category community
Pre-built images yes
Original software ChromeOS
Chipset Rockchip RK3288
CPU 4x 1.8 GHz Cortex-A17
GPU Mali-T760 MP4
Display 1366x768
Storage 16 GB eMMC
Memory 2/4 GB
Architecture ARMv7
Type generic
Unixbench Whet/Dhry score 1921.2



See Chrome OS devices page.


Primary GPT table on these devices is read-only which means that we can't use dd, parted or fdisk on this eMMC. This makes it impossible to dd a prebuilt image or to use pmbootstrap with --no-cgpt argument when installing on eMMC. The recommended way to install it on eMMC is booting from external storage and performing pmbootstrap install --sdcard /dev/mmcblkX. It works fine because pmbootstrap uses cgpt for partitioning, and it handles that by ignoring primary GPT and using secondary instead.


Speakers, Headphones and Mics work, but internal microphone doesn't work after switching to headset and back.

  • workaround: switch to internal mic in pavucontrol, reboot and never switch to headset.


Device Codename Category
AOpen Chromebase Mini google-veyron-tiger testing
AOpen Chromebox Mini google-veyron-fievel community
Asus Chromebit CS10 google-veyron-mickey testing
Asus Chromebook C201 google-veyron-speedy community
Asus Chromebook Flip C100 google-veyron-minnie community
CDI EduGear Chromebook K google-veyron-jerry community
CDI EduGear Chromebook M google-veyron-mighty community
CTL Chromebook J2 / J4 google-veyron-jerry community
Epik Chromebook ELB1101 google-veyron-jerry community
Haier Chromebook 11 google-veyron-jaq testing
Haier Chromebook 11e google-veyron-mighty community
Hisense Chromebook 11 google-veyron-jerry community
Lava Xolo Chromebook google-veyron-jaq testing
Lumos Education Chromebook google-veyron-mighty community
Mecer Xpression V2 google-veyron-jerry community
Medion Chromebook S2013 google-veyron-jaq testing
Medion Chromebook S2015 google-veyron-mighty community
NComputing Chromebook CX100 / CX110 google-veyron-jerry community
Nexian Chromebook 11.6" google-veyron-mighty community
PCMerge Chromebook (PCM-116E / PCM-116EB) google-veyron-mighty community
Poin2 Chromebook 11 google-veyron-jerry community
Positivo Chromebook CH1190 google-veyron-jerry community
Prowise Chromebook Entryline google-veyron-mighty community
Sector 5 E1 Rugged Chromebook google-veyron-mighty community
True IDC Chromebook 11 google-veyron-jaq testing
VideoNet Chromebook BL10 google-veyron-jerry community
Viglen Chromebook 11 google-veyron-mighty community

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