Kobo Aura (kobo-aura)

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Kobo Aura
Manufacturer Kobo
Name Aura
Codename kobo-aura
Released 2013
Original software Kobo Firmware 3.19.5761
CPU 1 GHz Freescale i.MX507
Display 6 in diagonal, 16-level grayscale 1024 × 758 electronic paper
Storage 4 GB Sandisk embedded flash (SDIN7DP2-4G), external microSD slot


  • rendeko


  • rendeko

What does not work

Kernel compilation. The lowest working kernel for postmarketOS is 3.x, while the kobo-aura uses a fork of 2.6.


  • Maybe possible to diff changes between official 2.6 kernel and kobo's fork, create patch, and apply to 3.x to create working kernel? Working on this
  • Newer kobo devices might run 3.0? Unsure.

See also

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