Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (samsung-s6500d)

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Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
Samsung s6500d
Samsung s6500d
Manufacturer Samsung
Name Galaxy Mini 2
Codename s6500d, s6500, jena
Released 2012
Original software Android 2.3.4
Chipset Snapdragon S1 / MSM7227A
CPU ARM Cortex-A5 800 Mhz
GPU Adreno 200
Display 320×480
Storage 4GB
Memory 512MB


  • halamix2

What works

  • It boots
  • SSH through USB

What does not work

  • Restart after ~2 minutes 22 seconds (probably SMSM_RESET in SMS module)
  • Red screen error
  • No input (keys and screen)
  • No charging with turned off phone (is it even supported?)

To do

  • Fixing 2:22 restarts is a priority
    • the first thing that comes to my head is checking defconfig
    • second one is adding proprietary firmware.
  • Red screen error (kernel patch or weston config workaround)
  • Touch screen input, /dev/input/event1 should be screen, still nothing is working, including weston-calibrate

S6500d fork

How to enter flash mode

Press power button and hold home button and VOL-


For now see Installation Guide and Flashing on Porting to a new device