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📱 This user's main device is a Apple_iPhone_13_(apple-iphone14,5).

hi i like tinkering with phones and possibly destroying them

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Device Notes
Amazon Fire 7 2019 (amazon-mustang) 16GB, amonet exploit
Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition (amazon-tank) 2nd Gen (non-Basic), amonet exploit
Apple iPad 1G (apple-ipad1g) 16GB, boot-loop issue - dead battery
Apple iPhone 13 (apple-iphone14,5) 128GB, daily driver
Apple iPhone 4s (apple-iphone4s) 16GB, cracked screen, iCloud lock tripped when downgraded to iOS 6.1.3
Apple iPhone 5s (apple-iphone5s) 16GB, old battery, iOS 10.3.3
Apple iPhone 6 (apple-iphone6) 16GB, old battery, iOS 12.5.x; 64GB, iOS 11
Apple iPhone 7 (apple-iphone7) 32GB, display cable ripped
Apple iPhone 8 (apple-iphone10,1) 64GB, iOS 16 Beta 1; 64GB, iOS 15.2.1
Google Pixel 3a (google-sargo) Bootloader unlocked, Google Edition
Google Pixel 6 & 6 Pro (google-oriole & google-raven) Pixel 6 (oriole), 256GB, Google Edition
LG G Stylo (lg-h631) 2GB RAM T-Mobile variant, bootloader unlocked, missing stylus
Nintendo 3DS (nintendo-ctr) Original Nintendo 3DS with Luma3DS CFW
Nintendo Switch (nintendo-nx) fusee-gelee vulnerable
Nokia Lumia 630 (nokia-moneypenny) Lumia 635, 512MB RAM
Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE (samsung-t0lte) Verizon model (t0ltevzw), locked bootloader (KitKat update)
Samsung Galaxy S II LTE (samsung-celox) T-Mobile Hercules T989 model
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2016 with S-Pen (SM-P580)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2015 (samsung-gt58) SM-T350 Wi-Fi variant