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This user's main device is a OnePlus_6_(oneplus-enchilada).

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Hello world, I'm Zach DeCook, sometimes known as earboxer (in irc, sourcehut, etc), and sometimes earboxer1 (e.g. in alpine linux gitlab).

I'm maybe best known for doing the swipe-typing thing in sway sxmo.

Device Notes
Google Pixel 2 XL (google-taimen) google-walleye: Pixel 2. Verizon locked.
Google Nexus 5 (lg-hammerhead) glitchy touchscreen sensor
Google Pixel 3a (google-sargo) VZW OEM-locked and stuck on Android 12
Nintendo 3DS (nintendo-ctr) nintendo-ktr: New Nintendo 3DS XL
OnePlus 3T (oneplus-oneplus3t) broken OLED, no os, can't get into bootloader
OnePlus 6 (oneplus-enchilada) sxmo-sway on pmOS edge. current daily driver(2023). Pipewire might be good now, but if not, then add sxmo-utils-audio-pulseaudio
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) previous daily driver(2022-2023))
Purism Librem5 (purism-librem5) I don't use this much because OP6 has better battery-life.(Phosh on PureOS and gnome-mobile on pmOS on an sd-card)