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I like Privacy and Linux. I have Junior-Dev-Experience in Desktop and Web-Development. At the moment i work mostly in Web-Backend.

Owns Devices

Device Notes
Google Galaxy Nexus GSM (samsung-maguro)
HTC One M8 (htc-m8) Stucks at Bootscreen
Motorola Moto G4 Play (motorola-harpia) Running plasma-mobile (community)
OnePlus 6T (oneplus-fajita) Daily Driver / LineageOS
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (samsung-codina) uboot installed - Stucks at Black Screen
Samsung Galaxy S Advance (samsung-janice) Doesnt really work right now. Kernel is flashed, but no boot up in Postmarket so far.
Samsung Galaxy S III (samsung-m0) Running phosh (community)
Samsung Galaxy S III mini (samsung-golden) Kernel 6.1.0 on Phosh
Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite (samsung-kylevess) Stucks on bootscreen Kernel 3.4.81 armhf
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 (samsung-skomer) Kernel 6.1.0 on Plasma-Mobile