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📱 This user's main device is a Samsung Galaxy A34 5G (samsung-a34x).
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My devices

Device Notes
Blackphone BP1 (blackphone-bp1) not available for testing
HTC Wildfire (htc-buzz)
Huawei Honor 7 (huawei-plank) ported
Huawei Honor Play (huawei-cornell) previous daily driver, cracked screen
Nokia Lumia 620 (nokia-sand)
Nokia N810 (nokia-selene)
Samsung Galaxy A34 5G (samsung-a34x) daily driver
Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 (samsung-j5x) available for testing
Samsung Galaxy S III LTE (samsung-m3) 4.4.4 stock
Samsung Galaxy S III mini (samsung-golden) Android 4.1 custom ROM
Samsung Galaxy Xcover (samsung-xcover) GT-S5690

Also about 80 old dumbphones which are not in the scope of postmarketOS.