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uhhh yeah so like I contribute to postmarketOS sometimes... I co-created the lowendlibre project along with justsoup321 :)


Device Notes
Google Nexus 7 2013 (asus-flo) Currently runs LineageOS, planning on installing postmarketOS on it at some point
Raspberry Pi 1 & 2 (raspberry-pi) I have an original Pi 1 model B, which is currently running OpenWRT
Raspberry Pi 4 (raspberry-pi4) I don't have a Raspberry Pi 4, but I do have a Raspberry Pi 400 which is basically the same and uses the same port
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (samsung-gta7litewifi) maintaining the postmarketOS port, 3GB RAM 32GB eMMC model
Valve Steam Deck (valve-jupiter) 256GB, although I run postmarketOS from an SD Card