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Device Notes
Geeksphone Peak (gp-peak) unused : I can flash it as much as needed. Very weak battery
InFocus New Tab F1 (infocus-flatfish) often used : it can not be flashed easily
Mozilla Flame (t2m-flame) sometimes used : it can not be flashed easily. Broken touchscreen with an unactive zone, and some hardware USB issues
Samsung Galaxy S5 (samsung-klte) unused, with a screen that has brightness issues
Samsung Galaxy S III LTE (samsung-m3) sometimes used : It can not be flashed easily. Seems to have a hardware issue with current consumption, even with a new battery
ZTE Kis 3 (zte-kis3) ZTE Open C, FR version. I have several devices. One of them has a broken and unusable screen, I can use it to test as much as needed