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I'm working on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro (SK17 / mango)

I started with an bricked device that was back in 2013-2014 my main device with I was a child. It didn't do anything apart from being in bootloop. Then I searched in XDA the current (April, 2020) status of the device. It looks unmaintained but I came across with an kernel source and the port begins. I tried several times to get into compiling an android kernel with patches on other devices but without success. This time it was different maybe because I find the correct tools at first. I compiled the kernel, tested on android and it does not works, a few patches later it boots. And now I'm here doing things.

My progress in order is:

  • Unbrick from bootloop (success)
  • Get all the kernel sources (success)
  • Get an useful toolchain (success)
  • Test the kernel on android (success)
  • Setup PMOS on Arch Linux (success)
  • Get the kernel compiled with the builtin toolchain (I used GCC4) (success)
  • Install into main flash (failed: image too big on both system and userdata, maybe a repartition could solve this?)
  • Boot PMOS from main flash (failed)
  • Install into sdcard (success)
  • Boot PMOS from main flash (success: the splash screen appeared)
  • Get an TTY Console (failed)
  • Show something to screen apart from splash screen (success: at least it do something "cat /dev/random > /dev/fb0")
  • Get weston running (success: it run weston after some debugging and fixes @pbgapski workaround)
  • The screen is red! How to solve this (success: device and kernel configs)
  • Write the wiki page and clean up everything to made an pull request. (success)
  • Charging mode is broken (WIP)