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This user has ported 1 devices to postmarketOS.


This user's main device is a Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite (xiaomi-platina).

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- Discord: shadowsvanish#6437

- Telegram: @shadowsvanish

Devices that I own

Device Qty Status Notes
Xiaomi Redmi 4X 1 Working Running PostmarketOS, trying to continue mainlining.
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 1 Working Running LineageOS, daily driver.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X 1 Dead QFIL fuses blown, doesnt boot anymore only 9008 mode even after flashing. Bootloader locked. Need a motherboard replacement.
Samsung Galaxy Core Plus (SM-G3502L) 1 Dead Doesn't boot anymore when they gifted to me. Probably a dead EMMC. I tried to revive with ODIN and 9008 mode but without any result.
Samsung Galaxy Young 2 Working Running Cyanogenmod
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro 1 Working Need more testing.
Motorola Defy+ 2 Working Running Cyanogenmod

Main Computer

Parts Components
CPU AMD Athlon 3000G 3.5 GHz
RAM Teamgroup 2 x 8GB DDR4 3200MHz
Storage Samsung EVO 860 SSD 500GB and Kingston A2000 NVMe 500GB
Motherboard ASUS PRIME B450M-II
OS Arch Linux, KDE Plasma / Sway

Mainlining status of Sony Mango

  • (success) Unbrick from bootloop
  • (success) Get all the kernel sources
  • (success) Get an useful toolchain
  • (success) Test the kernel on android
  • (success) Setup PMOS on Arch Linux
  • (success) Get the kernel compiled with the builtin toolchain (I used GCC4)
  • (failed) Install into main flash. Image too big on both system and userdata, maybe a repartition could solve this?
  • (failed) Boot PMOS from main flash
  • (success) Install into sdcard
  • (success) Boot PMOS from main flash, the splash screen appeared.
  • (failed) Get an TTY Console
  • (success) Show something to screen apart from splash screen. At least it do something "cat /dev/random > /dev/fb0"
  • (success) Get weston running. It run weston after some debugging and fixes @pbgapski workaround)
  • (success) The screen is red! How to solve thi
  • (success) Write the wiki page and clean up everything to made an pull request.
  • (wip) Charging mode is broken