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Argaman Mode

Change MAC address 24/7.

NOTE: Using a shell script and crontab.


Taken from User:Magdesign#Macchanger

Good when using public wifi which has a timelimit....

sudo apk add macchanger


delete all cookies in browser and

disable wifi:

rfkill block wlan

change mac address:

sudo macchanger wlan0 -ar

enable wifi:

rfkill unblock wlan

login as new device and surf on...

as a script to place in .config/sxmo/userscripts/

#title="icon_gps macchanger"
#this script changes your mac on wlan
#requirements: macchanger

sudo rfkill block wlan

output=$(sudo macchanger wlan0 -ar)
sleep 1
sudo rfkill unblock wlan

notify-send "done" "$output"


Owns Devices

Device Notes
Google Nexus 5 (lg-hammerhead) without a functioning display
Samsung Galaxy SII Plus (samsung-s2ve) Samsung Galaxy S2+ (i9105)