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Hai! I'm Tryzen!

I hate Samsung devices and yet i own a lot of them and know a lot about them. Ironic isn't it?

  • My Galaxy S7 is used as a Minecraft server. Before you ask... It runs very well. when plugged in

List of devices I own (Issues listed)

Device Notes
Google Nexus 5X (lg-bullhead) Broken Display, Digitizer & FP.
Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 (samsung-a3y17lte) No back glass.
Samsung Galaxy Ace (samsung-s5830) Cracked front glass.
Samsung Galaxy Core (samsung-arubaslim) Perfect condition.
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime VE LTE (samsung-coreprimevelte) Near perfect condition.
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 (samsung-j3xnlte) Both near perfect condition.
Samsung Galaxy J4+ (samsung-j4primelte) Very cracked but works.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (samsung-zeroltexx) No battery, possibly broken display.
Samsung Galaxy S7 (samsung-herolte) Runs PMOS (edge). It's a Minecraft Server.
Samsung Galaxy SII (samsung-i9100) Both no battery, 1 /w no digitizer.