HTC Incredible S (htc-vivo)

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hTC Incredible S
Stock Incredible S running Android
Stock Incredible S running Android
Manufacturer hTC
Name Incredible S
Codename vivo
Released 2011
Original software Android 4.0.4 on Linux 3.0.16
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 MSM8255
CPU Single-core 1.0 GHz (Scorpion)
GPU Adreno 205
Display 480x800 4" SLCD
Storage 2 GB + microSD card
Memory 768 MB


  • Aerotinge


  • Aerotinge

What works

  • Booting with fastboot
  • USB Network
  • SSH
  • Screen
  • Vibrator
  • Flashlight

What does not work

  • The device stuck at the pmOS loading screen.

What has not been tested

  • Accelerometer, GPS, light sensor
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, RIL
  • Camera
  • Battery

How to enter flash mode (HBOOT)

  • Power off the phone
  • Press volume down
  • Keep volume down pressed, and press power button.

How to turn off the phone

Hold power button for ten seconds, or simply remove the battery.


The bootloader have to been unlocked (s-off). If not, see htcdev here.
  • Install
    • using an microsd card (replace mmcblk0 with your sd slot)pmbootstrap install --sdcard=/dev/mmcblk0(recommended)
    • using /data partition pmbootstrap flasher flash_rootfs --partition userdata
  • Insert the microsd card on the device
  • Connect usb cable to your phone and boot it into flash mode (HBOOT)
  • Select "FASTBOOT" by volumes and power button. Make sure it displays "FASTBOOT USB" on top.
    • Boot kernel using pmbootstrap flasher boot(recommended)
    • Flash kernel using pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel, then reboot.


The device shares the msm8x55 platform with other hTC devices, such as the One V (Primou).


Current working kernel source

Detailed device partitions