Nokia N9

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Nokia N9
postmarketOS loading screen with TTY on top
postmarketOS loading screen with TTY on top
Manufacturer Nokia
Name N9
Codename Lankku, rm-696
Released 2011
Original software MeeGo
Chipset TI Omap 3630
CPU Single-core 1.0 GHz Cortex A8
GPU PowerVR SGX530
Display "Clear Black" AMOLED 854 × 480 px
Storage 16/64 GB
Memory 1 GB


  • filippz
  • pavelmachek

What works

  • Touchscreen/display
  • USB Networking
  • Battery voltage readout

What does not work

  • Battery charging

What could work

  • Bluetooth

How to enter flash mode

This device is pretty similar to nokia N950, with minor differences in kernel. Bootloader has same problems. See

Kernel can be started without flashing, using:

$ sudo /data/l/maemo/0xffff/src/0xFFFF -m kernel:vmlinuz-nokia-n9-dtb -m initfs:initramfs-nokia-n9 -l -b

Note that attempt to pass command line arguments will result in kernel not booting on some devices, and that by booting custom kernel you get permanent boot slowdown with "you have modified your system" message.



Might be possible using Nemo flashing image.



  • #1046 Add basic support for Nokia N9