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Owns devices

Device Notes
ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 (google-bob) libreboot, postmarketOS
BQ Aquaris X5 (bq-paella) broken volume button
Fairphone 5 (fairphone-fp5) postmarketOS edge
Google Nexus 4 (lg-mako) 8GB, dead
Google Nexus 5 (lg-hammerhead) power button syndrome
Google Pixel 3a (google-sargo) 2x, 64 GB, Ubuntu Touch / Droidian
Motorola Droid 4 (motorola-maserati) runs Maemo Leste
Motorola Moto G4 Play (motorola-harpia)
Motorola Photon Q (motorola-asanti)
Nokia N900 (nokia-n900)
Nokia N9 (nokia-n9) runs stock OS
OnePlus 6 (oneplus-enchilada) Kupfer with Phosh
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) 2x, UBports and pmOS CE 3GB
PINE64 PinePhone Pro (pine64-pinephonepro) Explorer Edition, pmOS v23.12, Sxmo with Keyboard accessory - daily driver (no calls on that number, though ;-)
Purism Librem5 (purism-librem5) PureOS (daily driver), postmarketOS on microSDXC
SHIFT SHIFT6mq (shift-axolotl) postmarketOS edge dual boot with Calyx
Sony Xperia 10 III (sony-pdx213) Sailfish OS
Sony Xperia X (sony-suzu) Ubuntu Touch

Old stuff

Too old for postmarketOS, but in working order:

  • Motorola A910 (2x), declining, stick plastic
  • Motorola E680
  • Openmoko GTA02 Neo FreeRunner
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-5500

Not properly working:

  • VR3, darkened display, unreadable.

Devices/things I want to give away to people who want to hack on them

  • 2x PinePhone LoRaWAN cover