Samsung Galaxy Ace II X (samsung-kylessopen)

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 x
Manufacturer Samsung
Name Galaxy Ace 2 x
Codename kylessopen
Released 2012
Original software Android 4.0.4
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 MSM7227A
CPU 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A5
GPU Adreno 200
Display 480x800 WVGA
Storage 4GB
Memory 768MB


  • platypro
  • racer123
  • Lofenyy


  • racer123

What works

  • Kernel compiles
  • Heimdall can flash
  • Boots
  • SSH over USB

Graphical interfaces

  • Weston (Wayland) (recommended)
  • Plasma Mobile (not recommended, too slow) (Wayland)

What does not work

Graphical interfaces

  • Hildon (X11) (possibly recommended)
  • Matchbox (X11) (possibly recommended)
  • MATE (X11) (not recommended)
  • XFCE4 (X11) (not recommended)

Note that all of the working interfaces are using Wayland and the ones that don't work are using X11. This could indicate that there's an issue with Xorg on this device (see #1618).


Before installing, ensure that your host computer and your copy of pmbootstrap is fully up to date and that your system has been rebooted since it was last updated.

1. init
$ ./ init

Select "samsung-kylessopen" as the target device and select a working recommended graphical interface.

2. install
$ ./ install

Full disk encryption is the default, though it may not work. Try --no-fde if your device isn't working.

3. flash
Ensure that the USB cable is disconnected, then hold down volume down + Home for a few seconds as the system boots. This puts the device in flash mode. Once in this mode, enter
$ ./ flasher flash_rootfs
to install the rootfs. Once this is finished, put yourself back into flash mode and enter
$ ./ flasher flash_kernel
to flash the kernel.


If you can't get SSH over USB to work, see USB_Network.