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I have been using postmarketOS on a Wileyfox Swift as my main phone, I have various other devices that can run it in a somewhat usable state.

📱 This user's main device is a Wileyfox_Swift_(wileyfox-crackling).

Device Notes
Apple iPad 1G (apple-ipad1g) 32GB WiFi iOS 4.3
Apple iPad Air 2 (apple-ipad5,3) 16GB 4G ghost touches iOS 12.4
Apple iPhone 3G (apple-iphone3g) 2x8GB, iOS 2.x and iOS 3.x
Apple iPhone 4s (apple-iphone4s) 1x8GB (iCloud locked), 3x16GB (2 have no WiFi) 1x32GB (swollen battery), various iOS versions
Apple iPhone 4 (apple-iphone4) 5 devices, 1x8GB, 3x16GB (one of them is iCloud locked), 1x32GB, various iOS versions
Apple iPhone 5s (apple-iphone5s) 16GB iOS 10.3.3
Apple iPhone 5 (apple-iphone5) 2x16GB, one on iOS 7.0.x (passcode and probably iCloud locked) and the other on 10.3.4 broken power button
Apple_iPhone_6s/6s%2B_(apple-iphone6s) 16GB 6S iOS 9.2.1 (unactivated), 16GB 6S+ iOS 11.4.1 (blurry and shaky camera)
Apple iPhone 6 (apple-iphone6) 16GB iOS 8.4, 64GB iOS 11.2.6, low battery capacity
Apple_iPhone_7/7%2B_(apple-iphone7) 7 32GB missing front panel and broken battery cable iOS 14.x
Apple iPhone 8 (apple-iphone10,1) 64GB iOS 15.6 RC 1
Apple iPhone SE 2016 (apple-iphoneSE2016) 16GB iOS 10.x
Apple iPod Touch 1G (apple-ipt1g) 2x16GB, one has dead battery and won't turn on (FW untested) and the other has issues connecting to WiFi, iOS 1.1
Raspberry Pi 4 (raspberry-pi4) USB ports have no power
Samsung Galaxy SII (samsung-i9100) 16GB Lineage OS Oreo based
Sony Xperia M2 (sony-eagle) Lolipop, missing the phone app
Wileyfox Swift (wileyfox-crackling) black, power button sometimes doesn't work, running pmOS with Plasma Mobile

List last updated 29 January 2024