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This user has ported 2 device(s) to postmarketOS.

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I'm an embedded software engineer, and microelectronics PhD student.



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Owns devices

Device Notes
LG G Watch R (lg-lenok)
LG Optimus Black (lg-p970) I have to retrieve it
LG Watch Urbane (lg-bass)
Nokia N900 (nokia-n900) FR layout
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) Braveheart edition
Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 (samsung-j3y17ltexx)
Samsung Galaxy Note II (samsung-n7100) Broken HW keys
Samsung Galaxy S4 (samsung-jflte) Two I9505, two I9506
Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite (samsung-kylevess)
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 (samsung-xcover4lte)
Sony Xperia SP (sony-huashan) Half-broken digitizer
Sony Xperia T3 (sony-seagull)