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dont expect anything good from here, ill never finish this page

Why does it take two edits for the page to update properly?

my devices

Device Notes
Huawei P30 Lite (huawei-mar-lx1a) putting it on here only for my device list to be the closest to complete it can be
Nintendo Switch (nintendo-nx) 2019-patched model, needs hardmod
Nokia Lumia 520 (nokia-fame) hell knows where I put it, probably in a box somewhere
Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 (samsung-j3) dead amoled
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) (samsung j5y17lte) model: SM-J530F/DS, stuck on OneUI(android 9) cause of locked RMM
Samsung Galaxy J5 2015 (samsung-j5) model: SM-J500FN, currently unusable due to swollen battery
Xiaomi Mi A1 (xiaomi-tissot) Secondary/rom testing device, cracked display, currently on pmOS
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro (xiaomi-joyeuse) daily driver, running Pixel Experience

Note: This list is incomplete as some devices don't boot and i can't figure out their model and others are not on the pmOS device list.