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This page collects some useful resources for working with Windows Phones.


On the different device pages is described how porting was done for the specific device. This can be used to get further information on how to port your device

Device Codename Architecture USB Net Flashing Touch Screen Wifi Xwayland FDE Mainline Battery 3D IMU Audio Bluetooth Camera GPS Mobile Data SMS Calls
Microsoft Lumia 535 microsoft-chakra armv7 N N N P N P N N N N N N N N N N
Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM microsoft-dempsey armv7
Microsoft Lumia 650 LTE microsoft-saana armv7
Microsoft Lumia 950 microsoft-talkman aarch64 N N Y Y P Y N Y N N N N P N N N N N
Microsoft Lumia 950 XL microsoft-cityman aarch64 N N Y Y P Y N Y N N N N P N N N N N
Nokia Lumia 520 nokia-fame armv7
Nokia Lumia 620 nokia-rm846 armv7 N Y Y
Nokia Lumia 720 nokia-rm885 armv7 Y Y P Y
Nokia Lumia 920 nokia-phi armv7
Nokia Lumia 930 nokia-martini armv7
Samsung Ativ S samsung-i8750 armv7



Supported models

WPInternals by an XDA-User allows you to perform tasks like unlocking bootloaders, enabling root access and flash or backup firmware. Some fixes have been made in the GitHub repository, but no new release has been made yet. The list of supported models on the official site is outdated. See the image on the right for a more up to date list.

Windows Device Recovery Tool[2]

The Windows Device Recovery Tool by Microsoft let you recover firmware of Windows devices.



Android4Lumia is a project which aims to built android based custom roms for Lumia phones.

File Collections[4]

On you can find firmware for Lumia Phones.


EDK-II has been ported to various Windows Phones. A porting guide is available here.