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This list is a collection of presentations, talks and other resources that are somehow related to postmarketOS and can help you to dive in some specific topics.



Apps / Programs

  • apk-gtk: GTK2 and 3 frontend for Alpine's package manager
  • Kirigami UI: A framework for building cross-platform programs, that work on phones (Linux, Android, iOS?) as well as on the desktop (Linux, Windows).
  • Open Source Game Clones in case you're bored with all the emulators out there which also run on Linux.



Linux distribution ports to new devices


Reverse engineering

  • See also the links in the Firmware article
  • simhacks (Defcon 21)
  • WP internals Windows phone internals, a proprietary hacking tool for Windows phones (It beats the modern SecureBoot implementation. And furthermore, it brings custom ROM's, Mass Storage Mode, Root access and many more hacks to all Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10 Mobile-based Lumia-models.) If you want to get postmarketOS on your Lumina phone, the author of that tool seems to be an expert you should talk to.
    • rrch on IRC: On XDA some users have managed to get Android running on a few older Lumias by porting over a ROM designed for an Xperia with similar hardware. WiFi works but I think there's still no modem support.
    • If you have more information on this topic, please create a dedicated Windows Phone page and move the content there. Thanks!
  • Identifying serial ports
  • Introduction to reverse engineering and assembly

Mobile operating systems