ASUS Transformer Pad (asus-tf300t)

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ASUS Transformer Pad
ASUS Transformer Pad
ASUS Transformer Pad
Manufacturer ASUS
Name Transformer Pad
Codename tf300t
Released 2012
Original software Android 4.0 on Linux 3.1
Chipset Nvidia Tegra 3 T30
CPU Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9
Display 1280x800 IPS
Storage 16/32 GB
Memory 1 GB

None of this work has been merged upstream. Check out the work-in-progress here or contact jonty-comp on IRC.


What works

  • Compiling CM13 kernel (GitHub)
  • Flashing via Android recovery zip (Boot image included)
  • System boots
  • Most sensors/cameras/devices seem to be detected (e.g. accelerometer values can be read from /sys etc)

What does not work =

  • Flashing via fastboot (device appears to write successfully but then locks up and does not apply the uploaded image)
  • Framebuffer (stuck on ASUS bootloader graphic)

The framebuffer issue is an interesting one as it works without issue on CM13-based Android ROMs with the same kernel and defconfig. Possible toolchain issue or patch needed for GCC6. Devices with a working framebuffer output modesetting information in dmesg after loading the tegradc driver, but the PMOS compiled kernel does not. Common fixes including setting values in /sys have no effect yet.