Samsung Galaxy Trend lite (s7390g)

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Samsung Galaxy trend lite
Manufacturer Samsung
Name Galaxy trend lite
Codename kylevess
Released 2013
Original software Android 4.1.2 on Linux 3.4.5
Chipset BCM21664A
CPU 1.2GHz
GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV
Display 480 x 800 TFT
Storage 4 GB + SD card
Memory 468 MB


  • MayeulC


  • MayeulC

Device name

The device might be identified as a Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite, Samsung Galaxy Fresh, GT-S7390G or GT-S7390. It is also available as Samsung Galaxy Fresh Duos S7392 with dual-SIM card slots (source)

What works

  • Flash kernel
  • USB Network
  • Screen
  • Touch (/dev/input/event2)

What does not work

  • Audio

What has not been tested

  • Compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, light sensor
  • Bluetooth, NFC
  • Wifi/GSM
  • Camera
  • Flash Rootfs
  • Vibration motor

How to enter flash mode

  • Press volume down and the home key, then press the power button.
  • Maintain volume down and home pressed until a warning screen comes up
  • press volume up to confirm, and plug the phone in if it wasn't already.

Note: the bootloader seems to be factory-unlocked.

How to enter Recovery

  • Press volume up and the home key, then press the power button.
  • Maintain volume up and home pressed until the recovery comes up

It is very easy to install a recovery: just flash a boot image to the RECOVERY partition with heimdall. You can get one from here, for example. These come with ADB and other means (zip) to flash the firmware.

The original boot partition may be be installed there as well (when PMOS sits on the SD card), to Dual boot the phone (has not been tested yet).


The soc is a member of the hawaii platform, so it's likely that the kernel or some other components can be reused on other devices from the same platform.


Copy-pasted from here, which is quite informative.

   CPU: Cortex-A9 (Little endian)
   Codename: KYLEVESS
   Display Panel: HX8369 (TFT) + TPS6115 (BACKLIGHT)
   Display Resolution: 480x800 (240dpi)
   EMMC: 4GB (Usable ~2.2GB)
   Family: KONA (BROADCOM)
   GPU: Broadcom VideoCore IV (? clock, ~50MB VRAM from RAM)
   Misc: WIFI/Tether, Bluetooth, HSPA+, GPS, FM-Radio
   PMU: BCM59054
   Platform: HAWAII (BROADCOM)
   RAM: 468MB (not shared with GPU)
   Sensor: Accelerometer (BMC254)
   Shipped with Android 4.1.2
   SoC: BCM21664A (1.2GHz)
   Touch Panel: IST3032 (Max 2 Touch Points?)
   WIFI/Bluetooth/FM-Radio: BCM4330

Kernel command line

  • Charging:
  • Normal startup:
  • common:
   console=ttyS2,115200n8 mem=482M cma0=0M carveout0=0M vmalloc=136M androidboot.console=ttyS2 logbuf_nocache=1 sec_debug.reset_reason=0x1A2B3C00 sec_debug.level=0 androidboot.debug_level=0x4f4c loglevel=0 sec_log=0x70000@0x9e900000 bootloaderfb=0x9e980000,0x180000 lpcharge=0 cordon=a96d6276bb2e489960e841dda003e846 androidboot.emmc_checksum=3 brd_ver=0 androidboot.serialno=42xxxxxxxxxxxxx


UART location