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As a proper Linux distribution, postmarketOS wants to provide the user multiple interfaces to choose from. We try to list each possible interface we can use, and if they require maintenance from our side or not.

This index page could use some help, see wiki#23.


There are several types of interfaces which we divide into categories based on their use-cases.

Besides the ones listed here, other graphical interfaces supported by Alpine should work to some extent on postmarketOS.


Packaged Name Project page Source From project Unmaintained Notes
Y Plasma Mobile link link KDE
Y Hildon link link Maemo Still uses GTK2
P Luna link WebOS No Meta UI package yet
P Phosh link Librem 5/PureOS Has a WIP branch
P Unity 8 link link UBPorts Has a WIP branch
Glacier link Nemo Arch Linux PKGBUILDs we can use as reference
Gaia link FirefoxOS Yes

Feature phones

Packaged Name Project page Source From project Unmaintained Notes
QtMoko2 link link QtMoko2
ZPUI link link ZeroPhone Has a WIP branch


Packaged Name Project page Source From project Unmaintained Notes
Y Matchbox link link The Yocto Project
Open Palmtop Integrated Environment link Yes

Smart Watches

Packaged Name Project page Source From project Unmaintained Notes
P AsteroidUI link link AsteroidOS Has a WIP branch

Smart TV's

Packaged Name Project page Source From project Unmaintained Notes
Kodi link link XBMC Packaged for x86 and x86_64 upstream


Packaged Name Project page Source From project Unmaintained Notes
Y Weston link link Wayland Mainly used for development, not suitable for a daily driver
Y XFCE4 link link XFCE Uses Alpine's packaging
Y MATE link link Mate Uses Alpine's packaging
Y i3wm link link i3 Uses Alpine's packaging
Y Sway link link Sway Uses Alpine's packaging, their wiki page: link
P GNOME 3 link link GNOME Alpine has it packaged for x86_64 only, and there is no UI meta package for it yet
P Plasma Desktop link link KDE Most of it is packaged already because of Plasma Mobile, except for a few packages
Budgie link link Solus
Cinnamon link link Linux Mint
LXQt link link LXQt Since this is made as a replacement for LXDE, it's probably not useful for us to package LXDE
Pantheon link link ElementaryOS
LXDE link link LXDE
Enlightenment link link Enlightenment

How to choose a different UI

You have to configure pmbootstrap before generating the system image either by pmbootstrap init or pmbootstrap config:

$ ./pmbootstrap init
[09:22:39] Target device (either an existing one, or a new one for porting).
[09:22:39] Available (49): amazon-thor, asus-flo, asus-grouper, asus-tf101, fairphone-fp2, google-glass, htc-ace, htc-bravo, huawei-angler, huawei-y530, leeco-s2, lenovo-karate, lg-d285, lg-d855, lg-dory, lg-h815, lg-hammerhead, lg-lenok, lg-mako, motorola-osprey, motorola-shamu, motorola-titan, nokia-rx51, oneplus-bacon, oneplus-onyx, qemu-aarch64, qemu-amd64, qemu-vexpress, samsung-espresso10, samsung-i747m, samsung-i9003, samsung-i9070, samsung-i9100, samsung-i9195, samsung-i9305, samsung-i9505, samsung-maguro, samsung-n7100, samsung-s6500d, semc-anzu, sony-amami, sony-aries, sony-castor-windy, sony-honami, sony-yuga, t2m-flame, teclast-x80pro, wiko-lenny3, xiaomi-ido
[09:22:39] Device [qemu-amd64]:
[09:22:56] Available user interfaces (6): 
[09:22:56] * none: No graphical environment
[09:22:56] * hildon: (X11) Lightweight GTK+2 UI (optimized for single-touch touchscreens)
[09:22:56] * luna: (Wayland) webOS UI, ported from the LuneOS project (Not working yet)
[09:22:56] * mate: (X11) MATE Desktop Environment, fork of GNOME2 (stylus recommended)
[09:22:56] * plasma-mobile: (Wayland) Mobile variant of KDE Plasma, optimized for touchscreen
[09:22:56] * weston: (Wayland) Reference compositor (demo, not a phone interface)
[09:22:56] * xfce4: (X11) Lightweight GTK+2 desktop (stylus recommended)
$ ./pmbootstrap config ui weston

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