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OUTDATED! The article Applications by category is more up-to-date, and contains all apps here

This article is a list of applications that work on a mobile phone, to some extent.

See also Librem 5 Compatibility Chart and Frama's list of compatible apps.

  • gnome-podcasts Basic Podcast app, some compatibility issues (Newest from master works fine though)
  • midori Web browser, some compatibility issues
  • Firefox another web browser. Requires manual fixes
  • gnome-2048 The famous 2048 game, works perfectly
  • gnome-authenticator 2FA client app
  • Fractal Matrix client
  • plasma-angelfish Web browser for Plasma Mobile - Works okay, still has a few issues
  • index Maui based file browser - Extremely fast, and works on both desktops and mobile thanks to Mauikit + Kirigami
  • plasma-camera Camera application for Plasma Mobile - No image comes through and the controls do not do anything
  • VVave A great looking Mauikit music player
  • telegram-desktop The standard telegram client
  • gnome-clocks An alarm/timer/stopwatch app. Alarm does not seem to trigger